Honourable Delegates,
It has been a great honour to organise such event on our school. Since SGMUN was organised by students,  some parts of the conference were complicated. For instance, just after I had announced the theme and published the study guide (I had been working on it for some days), Korean leaders vowed to end the Korean War. As a Korean, I was truly happy, but since this would affect our debate, we needed to ignore such a decision and pretend that no such thing had happened. At the end, somehow, everything was sorted out. To be honest, I enjoyed such obstacles and problems. Even though I was looking forward for the conference, I cannot forget to mention that I was also extremely worried that the conference would not work in the way it should. Surprisingly, everything worked above my expectations.

As a President of the first SGMUN, firstly I would like to thank all the delegates that have participated in this special event. You all have done great work, from the first-timers to experienced students. Special thanks go to Alžbeta, Peter, Minkyu and Ján. I am incredibly grateful that you proved that anyone can be the part of the debate. Secondly, I would like to thank Betka for helping me to come up with this idea and helping me with the organisation matters. I would also like to thank Adam for being the best Deputy President. Lastly, a huge appreciation goes to Ms. Števková for making this unreal event real and helping me to organise such event.

I promise, that next time SGMUN will be bigger and more intense so more students may contribute.



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