MUN or Model United Nations is a simulated debate based on the real UN. It involves debating, researching, critical thinking, writing skills and public speaking about serious world issues.
KarMUN in Budapest has been organised since 2005 and our school has attended most of their conferences. This year KarMUN lasted from 20th to 23rd March. Five students from Súkromné gymnázium attended it and actively participated in the debates.

Here is what they think about the conference:

From 20th to 23rd March I participated in KarMUN in Budapest. With my schoolmates we had a great time. I was in the Security Council, where I represented Equatorial Guinea. The issues we discussed and passed resolutions on included protection of children in war zones, situation in Cyprus, or conflicts in Somalia. We also visited the magnificent building of Hungarian Parliament, where the Opening Ceremony was held. I experienced days full of action and fun, and met a lot students from different countries (e.g. Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, or USA). I hope to participate in KarMUN next year too.
Veronika, III.A

This was our first time at KarMUN conference in Budapest. We represented Italian Republic and Iran in the International Atomic Energy Committee. We were discussing issues of Underground nuclear weapons development, Nuclear power plants and Nuclear waste. We have learned a lot new things about Nuclear power and plants also thanks to our guest speaker from Hungarian Power Plant Park. We are really thankful for all new friends and great memories and we are really looking forward to going there next year!
Sebastian and Róbert, II.A

This year I’ve attended my first KarMUN in Budapest, Hungary. I was in Disarmament and International Security Committee, where we were discussing space warfare, government surveillance and conscription. If you think that we had to spend too much time with it, you’re right. BUT it was totally worth it. We’ve experienced 6 days of fun, 5 nights with almost no sleep, 3 days of great debates and meeting new people from all around the world. In my committee I’ve met people from China, India and even USA. It was really great and I can’t wait for next year.
Šarlota, III.A

This KarMUN was great. It was my second one and the best one. I was representing the USA in Human Rights Council. I’m grateful for fruitful debates on issues as euthanasia, professional secrecy and universal healthcare. Like every year, I have learned new things, met new people and made many friends. All I can say is that I’m excited about next KarMUN.
Peter, III.A


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