1st Year Geography Quiz.pdf
Geography as a science.pdf
Earth as a cosmic matter.pdf
Shape, dim. and motions of the Earth.pdf
Consequences of the Earth’s Shape.pdf
Maps – the Cartographic Projections.pdf
Maps – the Types of Maps.pdf
Earth Survey and GPS.pdf
Re. – Planet Earth, Practical Geography.pdf
Revision Tasks – Planet Earth.pdf
Lithosphere – Structure of the Earth.pdf
Lithosphere – Movements of Tec. Plates.pdf
Lithosphere – Basic Platforms of the L.pdf
Oceanic floor cross-section.pdf
Lithosphere – the Earth’s Crust.pdf
Georelief – Basic Characteristics.pdf
Geomorphological processes.pdf
Rivers and fluvial landforms.pdf
Glacial landforms.pdf
Gravitational and eolian landforms.pdf
Biogenic and anthropogenic landforms.pdf
Types of georelief.pdf
Revision – GEO and Litosphere.pdf
Revision of Georelief.pdf
Revision – Geomorphology.pdf
Re. tasks – Litosphere, Geomorphology.pdf
Soils – soil structure and features.pdf
Soil – forming processes and soil types.pdf
Analysis of selected soil types.pdf
Global division of pedosphere.pdf
Atmosphere – basic features, structure.pdf
Atmosphere – weather.pdf
Atmosphere – climate.pdf
Atmosphere – temperature patterns.pdf
Atmosphere – precipitation patterns.pdf
Atmosphere – pressure systems.pdf
Atmosphere – climatic regions.pdf
Revision of Atmosphere.pdf
Revision – Pedosphere and Atmosphere.pdf
Hydrosphere – basic features.pdf
Hydrosphere – oceans and seas.pdf
Hydrosphere – sea water characteristics.pdf
Hydrosphere – water of land mass.pdf
Revision of Hydrosphere.pdf
Biosphere – main characteristics.pdf
Biosphere – bioclimatic zones.pdf
Biosphere – vertical zonality.pdf
Revision of hydrosphere and biosphere.pdf
Revision of Atmosphere.pdf
Domáce úlohy.pdf
Exercise book.pdf
Population, distribution, structure…pdf
Population – distribution and density.pdf
Population – structure.pdf
Population – natural movement.pdf
Population – mechanical movement.pdf
Population – reasons for growth.pdf
Population, Overpopulation, equality…pdf
Settlements, Rural and Urban.pdf
Settlements – main characteristics.pdf
Settlements – structure.pdf
Settlements – urban and rural.pdf
Settlements – urbanization.pdf
Agriculture – main characteristics.pdf
Agriculture – types of agricultural land.pdf
Agriculture – types of agriculture.pdf
Agriculture, farming as a system, types.pdf
Agriculture, technology, agribusiness.pdf
Agriculture, CAP, Environmental issues.pdf
Agriculture, Green Rev., genetics, BSE.pdf
Industry – main characteristics.pdf
Energy and fuels, energy sources…pdf
Energy and fuels, alternative energy.pdf
Energy and fuels, environmental imp…pps
Industries and globalization.pdf
High-technology industries.pdf
Transport – problems and solutions.pdf
Trade – composition, volume, balance.pdf
Geography of the world.pdf
Geography of the world – Europe.pdf
Geography of the world – Africa.pdf
Geography of the world – Asia.pdf

Geography of the world – North America.pdf
Geography of the world – Latin America.pdf

Africa – regional geography.pdf
Africa – equatorial and subequat. zone.pdf

Africa – tropical and subtropical zone.pdf

Africa – ecology problems.pdf

Africa – human geography.pdf

Africa – diseases.pdf

Africa – ethnicity.pdf

Africa – before the colonial period.pdf

Africa – the colonial period.pdf

Africa – the independence.pdf

Africa – problem regions.pdf
Structure of the Earth.pdf
Landforms, faults and folds.pdf
Mass movements.pdf
Map of the tectonic plates.pdf
Map of the world – blank.pdf
Map of the world´s major earthquakes.pdf
Map of the world´s major volcanoes.pdf
Locusts, termites, mosquitoes.pdf
Australia and Oceania – main char.pdf
Australia and O. – geomorphology, clim..pdf
Australia and O. – population and settl..pdf
Problem regions – Asia.pdf
Problem regions – Africa.pdf
Population – distribution, density, gr..pdf
Population – structure.pdf
Population growth – fertility and mortal.pdf
Map of world`s population density.pdf
Population statistics – data.pdf
Population – migration.pdf
Population – family planning techniques.pdf
Population – refugees.pdf
Globalization – main features.pdf
Globalization – (under) development.pdf
Globalization – development gap.pdf
Globalization – reg. aid and reg. policy.pdf
Europe – location.pdf
Europe – relief.pdf
Europe – climate, hydrology and soils.pdf
Europe – fauna and flora.pdf
Europe – industries.pdf
Europe – population and settlements.pdf
Northern Europe.pdf
Western Europe – part 1.pdf
Western Europe – part 2.pdf
Southern Europe.pdf
South-Eastern Europe – part 1.pdf
South-Eastern Europe – part 2.pdf
Russian Federation.pdf
Eastern Europe.pdf
Central Europe.pdf
Europe – historical regions.pdf
European Union.pdf
EU – (dis)advantages.pdf
EU – countries´ characteristics.pdf
Map of the exports per capital by count..pdf
Map of the world’s fuel exports.pdf
Trade – composition and volume.pdf
Trade – flows.pdf
Map of the world trade routes.pdf
Trade – trading blocs.pdf
Tourist patterns.pdf
Types and forms of tourism.pdf
Tourism – destinations and impacts.pdf
Slovná zásoba.pdf
Equatorial zone.pdf
Subequatorial zone.pdf
The Tropics.pdf
Subtropical zone – Mediterran. climate.pdf
Moderate (temperate) climate.pdf
Polar (Arctic or Antarctic) climate.pdf
Global warming and air pollution.pdf
Global warming – the critical view.pdf
Water and soil pollution.pdf
Raw materials, energy and water… .pdf
Primary industry.pdf
Secondary industry.pdf
Tertiary industry.pdf
Transport and agglomeration.pdf
Market, capital and government policy.pdf
Labour and Multinational companies.pdf
Revision of world biomes and industries.pdf
Geografia – Slovensko.pdf
SR – Revision questions 1.pdf
SR – Revision questions 2.pdf
SR – Revision questions 3.pdf
SR – Revision questions 4.pdf
SR – Revision questions 5.pdf
SR – Revision questions 6.pdf
Asia – location and regional classificat..pdf
Asia – hydrology and climate.pdf
Asia – flora and fauna.pdf 
Asia – population and settlements.pdf
South-West Asia.pdf
South Asia.pdf
South-East Asia.pdf
East Asia.pdf
Central Asia.pdf
Present (inter)national conflicts in Asia.pdf
America – location and regional classific..pdf
America – climate and hydrology.pdf
America – flora and fauna.pdf
America – population and settlements.pdf
North America.pdf
South America.pdf
Brazil, Agentina, Chile, Venezuela.pdf
International organizations.pdf
Neoclassical econ. approach & reg. dev..pdf
Keynesian econ. approach & reg. dev..pdf
Neomarxist econ. approach & reg. dev..pdf
Neoliberal econ. approach & reg. dev..pdf
Institutional econ. approach & reg. dev..pdf
The fundaments of reg. dev. theories 1.pdf
The fundaments of reg. dev. theories 2.pdf
Local and regional development 1.pdf
Local and regional development 2.pdf
Reg. development – revision questions.pdf
Domáce úlohy.pdf