Slovná zásoba.pdf
Fourteen Points.pdf
Marshall Plan.pdf
The Marshall Plan Speech.pdf
The Western Front.pdf
Truman Doctrine.pdf
The enlightened despotism.pdf
Maria Theresa.pdf
Joseph II.pdf
Basic characteristic of the period.pdf
Slovak National Movement.pdf
The first generation.pdf
Hungarian Jacobins.pdf
The second generation.pdf
On the road to modernization.pdf
The 1920s.pdf
Home Cechoslovak resistance.pdf
Slovakia within the Czechoslovak Rep.pdf
The First Czechoslovak Republic.pdf
The Interwar Period.pdf
The Slovaks in the 1st World War.pdf
Napoleon´s Power in Europe, 1812.pdf
Causes and Outbreak of World War I.pdf
Germany. A New Empire.pdf
Planning for a war.pdf
Russia – Huge Empire.pdf
The Alliance system.pdf
The Balkan Crisis and Wars.pdf
The Western Front 1914.pdf
Third French republic.pdf
Trench Warfare.pdf
War at Sea.pdf
Letter from trenches on Christmas 1914.pdf
Eastern Frontline – WWI.pdf

Worldwide War – WWI.pdf

Year of Change. 1917 – WWI.pdf

EÚ a Balkán.pdf

New Weapons – WWI.pdf
Spring Offensives in 1918 – WWI.pdf

War in the Air – WWI.pdf

Women at War – WWI.pdf

Negotiation Bases of Powers at V. Sys.pdf

Paris Peace Conference 1919-1920.pdf

Versailles Sys.. Changes of Col. Gov.pdf

Versailles Sys.. Consequences of WW I.pdf

League of Nations. Establishment and M.pdf

League of Nations. Successes and F.pdf

Most Important International Treaties.pdf

20´s in the USA.pdf

Science, Technology, Art around 1920.pdf

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and New Deal.pdf

Great Depression-Causes & Con.pdf

Mahatma Gandhi.pdf

Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia.pdf

Revolution in Russia.pdf

Lenin and Russia.pdf

Great Britain – 20s and 30s.pdf

Struggle for Power. Stalin and Trotsky.pdf

Stalin. Economic and Foreign Policy.pdf


Life in Interwar Russia and Soviet Union.pdf

Stalin, Trials and Purges.pdf

Dictatorships in Eu., Italy before 1923.pdf

Fascism in Portugal.pdf

Fascism in Spain.pdf

Mussolini´s Italy.pdf
Adolf Hitler – dictator.pdf

Jewish Question in the Nazi Germany.pdf

Germany under the Nazi Leadership.pdf

Jewish Religion and Culture.pdf

The Nazi Party and Its Rise.pdf

Weimar Republic Establishment.pdf

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